On Wednesday the 17th the day had finally come for us to Launch our new range of yoga mats at the top of the Sky Gardens, London. The plan was to host a flowing vinyasa morning yoga session as the sun rose over the city skyline and invite a host of bloggers, yogi’s, and founders of companies to come and test out the mats and see what they thought for themselves! 




Planning had starting months before in December, so by the time the actual day came stress levels were going through the roof. We spoke to some friends at Pip and Nut, Moju juices, and Oppo Ice-cream, who agreed to come along to serve some after class refreshments and nourishment to everyone we invited to the class


Each person we invited to the class received a bespoke laser engraved monogrammed mat, along with a tote goodie bag filled with a whole load of amazing health and wellness products - again courtesy of some of our friends over at Propercorn, Neat Nutrition, Spoon Cereals, Snact, Boomcycle, Active In Style, Lifeboxco, bounce, Doisy and Dam, Louolas, Leafy, Tribe and Sibberi! Without them the whole event just wouldn't have been the same. 


The wonderful Phoebe Greenacre (Check her out on Instagram @woodandluxe - or her blog ) took the vinyasa class - and absolutely killed it. Literally everyone who attended commented on how amazing she did, and how brilliant the class was. 


The event gave us a real chance to speak to Yogi’s about what they thought of the mats - and who better to speak to than professionals that will use the mat everyday?! The response and feedback we received was totally amazing. Made better by the fact we had worked on these mats for months, and that we were receiving the feedback from such esteemed individuals! It was also amazing to finally meet so many people we had spoken with through email for so long, and kind of put a face to the name with Shake It. 


The 17th also gave us a great opportunity to speak to some companies that we would love to work with in the future, and to get their take on the class. 


We really wanted create a vibe to the class that was more unique than just a normal yoga class. We created some window decals that overlooked the city, some spray painted road signs and mats, and some bespoke printed tote goodie bags. 


I think some of the photos speak for themselves about the event, all taken by - with the full library uploaded now on our Facebook!


Check out the short video of the event here, shot and directed by Joe Taylor - with music by Nekkr, Will Acres, and Sappho. 


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The Shake It Team

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