Yoga on the Go- Bringing your practice with you as you travel!

Iva deMartelly


As summer comes to an end, many of us have been squeezing in last minute trips by car and plane. While these trips make some of the most beautiful memories in our lives, both planning trips and being on the road itself can cause stress and even physical discomfort! 


Luckily, some of the most common traveling woes like achy backs from extended sitting, jet lag headaches, cramped legs, and even stress can be easily and immediately solved without OTC medication. Yoga can treat all of these symptoms and is a great way to unwind before, after, or even during your traveling experience! When I recommend vacation yoga to my friends and family, the response I usually get is “How?”. Between kids, family parties, hotel rooms, cars and planes, it can be very difficult to squeeze in alone time, let alone find the motivation for yoga. Here’s a hack list on how I do yoga pretty much anywhere! 


On a plane: 

(Pro tip: Try and seat family next to you! Or wait until your travel companion is asleep)

*When seated, try taking one foot at a time and crossing it over your lap so your knee falls open! This is a great modified version of bound angle, and can alleviate tension in the hips.

*If you feel like your shoulders are tight, take turns reaching your arms from above and below behind your back to try and clasp for a bind. This will also relive back pain from extended sitting.

*Twists are excellent for relieving back pain. When seated, use the arm rests to brace gentle twists side to side allowing your spine some movement.

*An excellent headache relief can come in the form of a forward fold. Stand in the aisle (when theres not turbulence) clasp your elbows, and hang for neck relief and an amazing hamstring stretch. 

In a car:


*For a great hamstring stretch, clasp your hands behind your knee and pull one at a time towards your chest.

*If you're sitting in the back seat, theres an upside! You can use the center console to extend your leg and take turns with a forward fold. 

*I love to roll my head and neck in long, slow circles to let the weight of my head naturally work out any cricks.

If you ever feel a little silly doing these- don’t! Your body will thank you later, and I promise- I’ve probably made way more of a fool of myself testing these… You should see the poses that didn't make the P.C. cut! ;)


Xxx, Happy Travels!

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