A chat with Liza Maman

Hi! Give us a little on you...a brief description of who you are and what made you live such a healthy and active lifestyle! 

My name Liza Maman, I'm 24 year old and I'm from Tel Aviv, Israel! I've always loved Sport, as a child I played many kinds of sports...football, basketball, running, high jump, long jump, and more, and I always seemed to win the races or the competitions, Ive always loved that feeling! At home from when I was very young we always ate really healthy food, full of vegetables & salads, and from there eating healthily was kind of engrained in me. It was kind of an education I recieved at home, learning that the right way to live is to be active as much as possible and eat healthy, home made food. So since I was very young I lived a healthy active lifestyle! 

Ok so what then made you get into training seriously and pursue a career in personal training? 

After two years in the army (In Israel, at age 18, after high school, everyone serves in the army for a year), I started to think about what I wanted to learn and what I want to do in my life. I was looking for a long time and couldn't really find something I connected with and was passionate about. So when my partner asked me a simple question: "Imagine you're really rich and you don't have to work. What would you like to do all day?" I knew my answer immediately...."To train all day". So, the next day I signed up for the trainers course, and from there I've been sharing my story on my blog and Instagram ever since!

Obviously from your Instagram profile you love to run! Do you focus on cardiovascular fitness over weights training? If so why or why not? 

I have a lot of running photos don't I? but weirdly I don't actually really love running I don't run much, about 5-6 km twice a week, so nothing compared to a lot of people. I'm much more strict about my strength training at the gym & at home. I like to practice in an orderly way. When I know exactly what muscles I'm going to train today and I prepare my body for it. I train in the gym 4 times a week for an hour or an hour and a half.

Ok following on from that, if you had a favourite workout what would you be doing? And where would you be doing it? Outdoors/in the gym etc 

My favourite workouts are the gym workouts, when I can train specific muscle groups. I really love feeling the resistance against my muscles, and the love getting physically stronger and my muscles building. Because I don't really enjoy running as said earlier, I do a lot of H.I.I.T training. 20-25 minutes of a very high intensity exercise, like spinning, to get a sweat on! 

How much of an impact do you think a well-rounded diet has on your general wellbeing and health? 

I think nutrition has a huge significance for our health, our life and our general feeling. And I mean everyone, not just athletes but everyone! For athletes, nutrition becomes of double significance, and plays a vital part in their training and performance. It's important to replenish the energy we spend during our daily lives, and to fuel our bodies with the right stuff after exercise. It helps us to recover, become stronger and reach our goals faster and more effectively...In fact I would go as far to say nutrition is the most important aspects of a healthy active lifestyle. 


So know we know how important nutrition is to you, say you’ve just finished one of your gruelling half an hour HIIT sessions, what are your 3 go to foods or ingredients for a meal after that workout to recover? 

I keep things simple after a workout...I eat something that contains a high percentage of protein, some carbohydrate (not too much) and a little bit fat. Salad with some chicken/salmon, maybe some yogurt and some granola or some nuts, things like that. But sometimes if Im really not in the mood for anything to eat, ill blend up some fruit into a little post workout smoothie.

We can see from your account you practise yoga, how has that impacted your training? What advice or benefits can you give someone who is hesitant to start yoga? 

So yoga...I'm really not a big expert at all, in fact, sometimes I just put on a youtube yoga class and start practicing in front of the TV in my living room! But I do love yoga.. mainly for two reasons: The first being that it releases any tensions I may have in my muscles (especially after training) and how it increases my flexibility. And the second reason is that it simply just relaxes me, and puts me in a good frame on mind. 

Lastly, Whats your favourite juice or smoothie to vitalise yourself after an indulgent weekend or if your feeling sluggish and tired and need a lift before training? 

My favourite has probably got to be an Acai Smoothie! With some Acai, banana, yogurt / soy milk / almond milk, some crushed ice and a little scoop of protein. I also add some pecans if Im feeling a little peckish. 

Ok thats thats it Liza! Thank-you for a little insight into your life! 

Check back in the coming weeks to see some other interviews!

The Shake It® Team 

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