Ayurvedic Rituals to jumpstart health

By Iva deMartelly


I often find myself feeling quite run down- usually post travel, when seasons are changing, or when tempted by too many sugary processed foods. Currently after a lot of working, caffeine, an illness, and very little sleep, I feel as though my immune system hates me a little.

Searching for something to jumpstart my health back, I came across a lot of Ayurvedic rituals, and decided to try and review them all for you guys!


Oil Pulling


The deal:

Oil pulling entails putting a tablespoon of oil (coconut, olive, or sesame are the most recommended) and then “swishing it” around in your mouth for 20 minutes. It is said that this swishing has an incredible detoxifying effect on the body, ridding you of Candida, environmental toxins, allergies, inflammation, and mucus.


Iva tries:

Okay- I won’t gloss it over… The feeling of swishing slimy oil in your mouth for a whole 20 minutes is definitely something you have to get used to! I managed by turning on an episode of GOT and zoning out until my 20 minutes of swishing was over. After a few days, I noticed that my skin was actually clearer, and after a week I noticed that my teeth were whiter. I will definitely continue this!




The deal: Earthing suggests that having bare contact with the soles of your feet to the ground you are changing your energy levels to one of homeostasis. It also suggests that there is a certain “charge” connection between the energy from your body and the energy from the earth’s core. If a person is emanating negative energy, the theory of earthing says that the earth will then absorb this negative energy.


Iva tries:

I actually love to walk everywhere barefoot so this wasn’t difficult for me! I began taking a short walk every day without shoes. On days I walk, I definitely have more late afternoon energy- and less anxiety- but I am not sure whether or not to attribute this to the earthing or simply the fresh air and sunlight! Either way, it certainly cannot hurt anyone but my pedicurist.. (Caution- Look where you step! Stepping on rust or nails or glass can be very dangerous and put you at risk of infection.)


Warm water/ Honey Lemon


Ayurvedic Philosophy believes that the first thing one ingests in the morning sets an important tone for the rest of the day. Many Ayurvedic doctors think that you should begin the day with a mug of warm lemon water to cleanse toxins in the intestinal tract.


Iva tries: 

I loved this! Granted, I didn’t give up my beloved coffee as the website also suggested.. But I made sure to drink this drink first and definitely still saw some really positive results. Within a few days my skin was a lot better, and my stomach had stopped hurting.

Hopefully this inspired you guys to give some of these a try!




The Shake It® Team 



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