Asanas For Chakra Balance

Iva deMartelly


In yogic belief, a Chakra is an energy point in your subtle body, and are the meeting points of energy channel flows. There are seven of them, and many yogis believe that certain feelings of imbalance or anxiety can be traced back to blockages in the Chakras. A well designed yoga practice can help to restore balance and get the energy flowing once more! Here is a list of the 7 Chakras, their purposes, how you can tell if they are blocked, and the asanas to restore the flow of energy.




Muladhara is the root, or base chakra responsible for grounded energy and our most primal instinct, survival. In modern day life, when balanced this Chakra provides for us a sense of security, confidence, and rootedness, but when imbalanced, the individual becomes frantic, anxious about material goods, needy and focused on desire. 


Yoga Poses to help ground Muladhara: Goddess, Mountain, Chair




Svadistana is the Sacral or Pelvis Chakra, and is related to creativity, pleasure, sexuality, and artistry. When balanced, this Chakra helps you to feel abundant, creative, and sexually awakened. When imbalanced the individual might feel unable to obtain pleasure from sex or life,  creatively suppressed, or unable to process or handle emotions. 


Yoga Poses to help awake Svadistana: Bound Angle, Pidgeon




Manipura is related to fire, identity, and sense of self. When Manipura is balanced, the individual  feels energized, alive, and productive. When imbalanced, you might feel inertia or stagnation.


Yoga Poses to help revitalize Manipura: Sun salutation, Bow




Anahata is the heart chakra and is the source of feelings of true love, and unconditional love. When balanced, the individual is able to heal from past pain, love unconditionally, and open their heart. When imbalanced, the you can become possessive, codependant, or isolated from love. 


Yoga Poses to help open Anahata: Fish, Cobra, Camel




Visuddi is the throat chakra, and is responsible for healthy communication and the ability to speak the truth. When balanced, you speak what is true to you and have no trouble listening to others or voicing your true opinions. When imbalanced, you may feel as if you cannot be true to yourself, or you might find yourself speaking too much or saying things you do not mean. 


Yoga Poses to restore Visuddi: Shoulder Stand, Bridge, Camel




Ajna is your third eye chakra, and helps you to see the truth. It is related to the 6th sense, and the intuition. If balanced, the intuition is strong, and the individual has great insight and wisdom. If Imbalanced, you might feel out of touch with your intuitive sense and rely too much on logic, fearing spirituality. 


Yoga Poses to allow for Ajna energy flow: Seated forward fold, downward dog




Sahasra is the Chakra perhaps most deeply intertwined with the spiritual realm. When this Chakra is activated and flowing, the individual feels extremely spiritually connected, and aware of a higher power and self. When blocked, you might seek happiness from materialistic objects, money, and power, forgetting that happiness comes from within.


Yoga Poses to help awaken Sahasra: Half Lotus, Savasana, Headstand



Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope that if you feel a little imbalanced today you can get your energy flowing with some of these Chakra awakening asanas. 


’Til next time.




The Shake It® Team 

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