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With all the running I’ve been doing since the start of the year, I’ve ran almost 1000KMs, and for me this is a achievement in itself. This time last year I had just completed the Manchester 10KM Race, I was really struggling with injuries, & getting back into a rhythm of running. This resulted in me being injured for around 4 months with hamstring problems (a common sight in long distance runners), and it wasn’t till September later in the year that I was able to start running again. Even then I was still getting a few niggles here & there which would set me back, so I decided to try a few things differently to see how my body would react.


With time I was able to get back into running but it wasn’t until the start of December I was able to really get back into a rhythm of where I wanted to be. During this month I completed a challenge called Advent Running - mimicking an advent calendar, starting on December the 1st till Christmas day. The aim of the challenge was to run 30mins each day, and everyday for the duration of the month. T I thought it would be a good way to test how well my body could cope with the stress of daily running! 


When I first started this challenge, never in my mind did I think I was going to be able to achieve this, but some how I did! There were a few things I did differently throughtout this month, and I think these were the things that got me through. I started stretching properly before and after a run, and started using a foam roller to get rid of any aches & pains after. Foam rollers are a great way to loosen muscle tightness before or after exercise to combat against the risk of injury. Yes I did struggle a little still with a few little niggles but I fought through it and foam rolled them out, and since then this has become my new normal. Stretching properly before and after a run to make sure my muscles are loosened up, which would prevent injuries from occurring, and with foam rolling as well it really helps. Safe to say since December I’ve been injury free so far in 2015 (touch wood), and I believe its because of doing a extra 10 to 15 mins of work before and after a run that allows me to keep going everyday! If you’re not stretching or foam rolling before or after a run you really should be, or you'll learn the hard way just like I did. And believe me, nothings worse then being injured not being able to do something that you really enjoy doing!




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