Choosing a Yoga Practice to suit your lifestyle

Iva deMartelly


One of the most beautiful parts of yoga is that it is a completely individualistic practice. You are able to customize asanas (or the physical part of yoga), to best suit your individual constitution, body type, stress level, and life style type.


One form of this customization is called Langhana, and it refers to cooling postures that begin to slow the body down. This sort of practice is perhaps best suited for individual coming from a hectic and or corporate lifestyle, or someone who's stress level is very high. Langhana techniques work to create stable breath, to cleanse the body of excess heat and anxiety, and create a deeply relaxing asana. 


Aspects of a Langhana Practice

*Forward Folds

*Focus on an Exhale


*Yin Yoga


*Longer Stretching


*Child’s Pose




The other form is referred to as Bramhana, and is practiced to heat the body and speed up the Prana (vital energy). Bramhana is best suited to those with desk jobs in a low stress environment, those looking for a good workout, the lethargic, and especially people taking classes in an earlier hour of the day.


Aspects of a Bramhana Practice


*lots of inhaling



*surya namaskar



*boat pose


*any pose with your arms above your head.


It is important that your yoga makes YOU feel good, so I hope you can use these tips for a specialized practice that gives you exactly what you need!




The Shake It® Team 

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