Running Man - 10K Race day


Another day & another race is upon us, it’s almost time for the Great Manchester 10KM Race, & I’m very much looking forward to race day on Sunday. My trainings changed a lot from the long distance runs that I was doing to a lot shorter fast paced runs instead.


From my last blog post, I recommended going for track sessions, hill sprints, 5KM fast pace runs & interval training & that’s exactly what I’ve been doing to get myself race ready. And with not long to go, it’s the final preparations for Sunday!


In my calendar I’ve got a short 5KM run planned for tonight with some hill sprints mixed in as well, and on my last run on Friday I’m thinking of a 8KM run with interval training mixed in & then lots of rest for Sunday! I’ll be making sure I’m eating the right kind of food in the lead up to the race too, increasing my carb intake which will give me the fuel I need & the most important thing of all is to make sure I’m well hydrated so I’ll be drinking lots of water.


Wish me luck, & I’ll keep you updated with how I get on in next weeks post!



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