Yoga, Travel, and staying fit on the go!

by Iva deMartelly


I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel to many beautiful places for my work, however without ready access to a gym, or a routine to motivate you it can be very frustrating to lose strength and easy to gain excess weight when tasting all the delicious foods a country has to offer. As both bikini season and vacation season sneak up upon us, I wanted to share a few of my tricks for maintaining your fitness on the road!


I have found that yoga is perhaps the most excellent way to preserve your athletic ability while on the go! It stabilises hormones and sleep patterns, which are essential when recovering from jet lag and air travel. It is also excellent for your core strength and will keep that 2, 4, or 6 pack hard and firm. Not only is it quick and easily accessible, basically the only ingredients you need are a mat or towel (or even a rug) and yourself! If you have access to a online video like Yoga Glow, Yoga Journal, or another similar library that is perfect, but if not you can have fun with sequencing your own flow. Remember these essential rules for practice to avoid injury.


Start with standing postures. By starting in mountain pose (feet squared, hip width apart) and doing several sun salutations, and perhaps a few warriors, you warm up your body for the seated postures so that when you enter deep stretches your muscles are warm and not susceptible to tearing. If you decide to include any inversions or backbends, make sure you include a recuperative and restorative pose in your practice to realign your spine optimally.


Obviously when you are traveling, you want to try as many delicious new foods as you can! Everything in moderation. I have a lot of relatives from the French background and they never cut out delicious foods like wine, chocolate, and cake, but simply taste a little bit of everything. Try and apply this philosophy to your travels! I have found it much more indulgent to have a little bit of everything rather than a lot of just one thing. Don’t be afraid of asking for leftover containers, it will just leave you with more snacks for the next day.


Finally, snacks are essential, and difficult to find healthy versions of especially when on the road. If you are on a road trip, gas stations actually have tons of delicious healthy snacks available if you look! Peanuts, almonds, apples, and coconut water are just a few that can be found most places. If you are traveling to tropical countries, you are lucky because fruit and vegetable stalls can be found in most locations! Just make sure you either disinfect the produce, or choose fruits like bananas, oranges, and avocados that can be peeled and therefore free of foreign viruses. 


Happy Healthy Travels!



The Shake It® Team 

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