The Yoga of You - A basic introduction to Aryuveda and your Dosha

by Iva deMartelly


Both Aryuveda and Yoga originate from the ancient Vedic philosophy, and both are strongly connected. In yoga, the connection to mind and body is essential, and Aryuveda is a way for the body to heal by eating foods specific to constitutional needs. 


Aryuvedic diet was developed by monks trying to purify their bodies in order to deepen their meditation practice, and unlike much of modern medicine, acknowledges that no one diet fits every person. 


Even if you choose not to adhere to any Aryuvedic strategies or principals, one bit of wisdom everyone can take from the philosophy is the no “one size fits all” perspective towards food and lifestyle choices. We are all unique and original, but the diet references 3 different Doshas (types of energetic and physical constitutions) and their specific needs for food and lifestyle choices.


Dosha Descriptions:


You might be a Vata if…. You have a slender frame, bad circulation, you are excitable, you tire easily, you respond to stress with fear and anxiety, you have high energy but no stamina, you don’t like cold weather and climates, have dry hair, have very slow digestion, and do not sweat alot.


If so, think about incorporating more easily digested, warm, fatty, and nourishing foods like dairy, fruits, rice, nuts, and well cooked less fibrous vegetables! Be careful of over exertion with exercise. Vata constitutions are better suited to gentle activities like swimming, yoga, and walking.


You might be a Pitta if…. You have a medium, athletic, and or muscular build, you are organized and focused when at work, you have very fast digestion and a strong stomach, you are self confident, assertive, and are irritated easily, and your physical ailments manifest in rashes, acne, or insomnia.


If so, think about avoiding hot, spicy, and acidic foods like coffee and alcohol which aggravate the fiery nature of Pitta and incorporate cooling foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits! Watermelon, cucumbers, avocado, mango, and peaches are all especially good choices for the Pitta Dosha. The diligent Pitta should take care not to overwork themselves and avoid angry conflicts where they tend to speak before they think.


You might be a Kapha if…. You are calm, loving, easy going and relaxed, you speak slowly and carefully, you are possessive, have a larger and curvier frame, generally are stable emotionally,  and tend to have respiratory problems like colds and congestions, allergies, and asthma. 


If so, think about including foods that fire up sluggish digestion like that are low in oil and sugar, and contain lots of spices like ginger and black pepper! Eat a lot of ripe fruits and steamed or boiled vegetables and think about reduce dairy intake, which can aggravate Kapha tendency for congestion. Exercise is essential to stimulate Kapha to move out of mental and physical stagnation and should be incorporated daily into the Kapha lifestyle.


Remember that all of these descriptions and qualifications are just a guideline for optimal health - YOU are the only one who knows your body well enough to decipher what will heal and what will harm. 




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