TRX - Fad or Life-Changing?



I’m going to open up with a bold statement.  In my opinion, TRX is THE best training system out there right now that is suitable for everyone on the planet.  I’ve been a personal trainer for 7 years now and TRX has been attached to my utility belt for 6 of those years.


I remember getting given one by my father who’d received it free from a colleague.  I told him I had no idea what it was and that i didn’t want it.  I had my training methods and nothing was going to change them.  I eventually took it and never looked back…


I was stunned at the diverse range of training that could be achieved with just a fibrous pair of handles on a strap.  It brought out the kid, the athlete, the gymnast and the spiderman in me.  Inspired,i spent the next 6 years changing my client’s bodies and approaches to training.  


Let me tell why YOU should use the TRX suspension trainer.  Firstly, it’s for all levels of fitness. It can assist an unfit 70 yr old in creating mobility in the squat and make it easy enough for them to perform pull and push movements which is key.  If someone’s injured it can act as a stabilising assist in all movements.  On the flip side, for the super strong and fit there is NO limit to the combinations and difficulty that you can create on the TRX.  One-legged, one-armed, handstands, pikes, jumps, twists.  Whatever you can safely fathom the TRX can deliver.


You can spend an entire hour in front of the TRX and come away feeling like you’ve done 12 rounds with a train.  It’s all bodyweight but whoa can it deliver a workout.  


I challenge you, get a TRX or join a class.  Spend 4 weeks doing TRX 3 times a week and you won’t see yourself in the mirror anymore but a terminator ready for anything.



The Shake It® Team 

Photo Cred: Simon Clark  

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