Running Man - 4 days to the marathon


With race day almost upon us, and with all the long hard runs I’ve put in these past 3 months. I’m in the last stage of my training, which is all about tapering for my marathon. The last two weeks of tapering for a marathon is just as important as training to get yourself ready to run the full 42KMs!

Before these two weeks of tapering, you’ve already done all the hard work, working your way towards running the distance that is required for a full marathon. Now it’s all about learning to rest your body, giving it time to recover from any niggles you might have had, & to start to build your stamina & strength for your long run ahead. This doesn’t mean you stop running all together for two weeks.

What it means is you need to decrease the distance that you run. From running approximately 80-90KMs a week, I slowly decreased my long runs during these last two weeks from a 35KM run to a 19KM run. And also decreasing my shorter runs throughout the week to around 10KMs, so I wasn’t over doing it, which allows me to give my body rest days in-between each run to give it time to recover.

With the marathon on Sunday, i’ve got two short runs planned just to give my legs a bit of a work out & maybe some work on the exercise bike but other than that I’ll be resting up as much as I can, & also eating all the right foods to increase my carb intake so I’ve got enough fuel in me to get me through the marathon. So wish me luck, & I’ll be here again next week to tell you how I get on!


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