Essentials for Home Yoga

Essentials for your At Home Yoga Practice

by Iva deMartelly


Whether you are winding down after a long gym session, trying to escape the competitiveness of a group class, or simply wanting to bring more zen into your life, an at home yoga routine can quickly become the most deliciously rewarding aspect of your day. To maximize the benefits of your practice, setting up a yoga studio in your own house can be both motivate you and inspire creativity!


List of ingredients for the perfect zen center:


The Perfect Yoga Playlist 

My favorite Spotify playlist is called “Yoga Tribe”, and has a lot of flutes, wind chimes, and rhythms that are easy to flow and meditate to. However, you do not need to only use traditional music for your practice! Some of my favorite non yogic musicians include Trevor Hall, Florence and the Machine, Bon Iver, Ellie Goulding, and Angus and Julia Stone.


A Yoga Mat 

If you do not have one of these yet, you can order them pretty cheaply on Amazon for only about £5-10 for the lowest budget option. And if you are in a cant stretch to a mat, you can always take a bath towel, designate it a Yoga Towel, and practice on that! No excuses haha!



I feel so much more connected to the earth when the space I am practicing has elements of nature surrounding it! My low maintenance collection includes a bonsai, a cactus, and a few aloe plants.



My two favourite free yoga video resources are Do Yoga With Me, and  Yoga Journal’s video library! They are wonderful for helping you to build inspiring sequences and give you guidance when you feel lost or uninspired. Props like blocks and bands, if used correctly, can assist with alignment and help you reach and stretch for more advanced asanas.


Fun Stuff

I am always much more inspired to make time for yoga when the place where I practice is beautiful! My personal favorite additions are twinkle lights, incense, candles, and prints of my favorite artwork. 


Happy practicing,



The Shake It® Team 

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