Running Man


"Running Man" is a new weekly feature on the Shake It® blog. This is an extract dedicated to learning more about running and everything that comes with it. The extract will follow a runner, Karho, as he talks training, nutrition, and everything else in-between as he prepares to take on his first marathon. 


Running Man

Why do you run? I’ve been asked this question by quite a few people, & my answer seemed to differ as time passed by. At first it was simply to stay fit for other sports, it was a way for me to clear my mind from stress, and well now, I run because I love it!

In these past few years, I completed my first 10KM race, my first half marathon race. And now in a few weeks (on the 19th April) I’ll be competing in my first Marathon, the Asics Greater Manchester Marathon! I’ve been running training for this race since the start of January & now I can’t wait for race day to come. 


I’ve worked hard during these past 3 months, by following a strict running programme with the distances I run increasing each week. During these next few weeks I’ll be sharing with you how I’m going to get myself ready for the big day, & what training I’ll be doing to the build up of the race!


The Shake It® Team 

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